Elevating Homes for Flood Protection

Course on Raising a house for flood protection

Elevating Homes for Flood Protection

COURSE DESCRIPTION One of the most common of all retrofitting techniques is to raise an entire existing superstructure above the Design Flood Elevation (DFE). When properly done, the elevation of

Removal of Small Dams

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is based on the publication “Removal of Small Dams in Oregon, A Guide for Project Managers”. It is used with permission of the author, Denise Hoffert,

Course on Repairing Flood Damaged Homes

Repairing Flood Damaged Homes

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will introduce you to the principles and practices of repairing a flooded home. During the initial visit to a flood-damaged home, the situation often appears overwhelming.

Inspection of Embankment Dams for Engineers Development Hours

Inspection of Embankment Dams

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces guidelines of embankment dam inspection according to the FEMA. It is estimated that there are about 75,000 dams in the US, many of which are