A Guide to Floating Solar Photovoltaic Systems

scrap tire structures

Scrap Tire Earth Retaining Structures

COURSE DESCRIPTION Throughout the United States and Canada, millions of waste tires are generated each year. Huge stockpiles of waste tires represent an enormous depot of lost energy, materials, and

Basic Principles of Stream Restoration

Basic Principles of Stream Restoration

COURSE DESCRIPTION Streams and rivers serve many purposes, including water supply, wildlife habitat, energy generation, transportation and recreation. A stream is a dynamic, complex system that includes not only the

Removal of Small Dams

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is based on the publication “Removal of Small Dams in Oregon, A Guide for Project Managers”. It is used with permission of the author, Denise Hoffert,

Rainwater Harvesting

A Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

Welcome to A Guide to Rainwater Harvesting. This course will serve as an introduction to common practices in both residential and commercial small-scale rainwater harvesting. We recommend that you download