Privacy Policy

Use of Data

Before registering with, you are required to agree to the following terms around use of certain data, as described below:

Your Learning Data: You understand and agree that, in the course of your use of the Services, you  will submit personal and identifiable data regarding you and your individual use of the Services, which may include, but not be limited to, your performance, test results, your personal learning behaviors including behaviors around use of the Services, licensure, and various metrics related to your learning through the Services (“Your Learning Data”).

You understand and agree that A+ Continuing Education, LLC, through the Services, will collect, maintain, process, have access to, and use Your Learning Data (identifiable data about you, as defined above) to (i) confirm your identity to ensure only authorized users are accessing the Services and for purposes of Services security, (ii) analyze and provide certain information about your learning, engagement with and use of the Services, and performance to you, the school or institution with whom your Services use is affiliated and your instructor(s) from said school or institution, as well as adaptive and personalized learning, (iii) analyze, separately or with data from third parties, for purposes of internal data analysis and research and for developing and enhancing the Services, (iv) provide technical support to you and your school or institution on the Services, and (v) generate reports and analytics for use by you, your school or institution and your instructor(s) regarding your performance and/or the performance of an entire class or classes at your school or institution.

General Services Data : You also understand and agree that, through the Services and the use of other third party software, PDHclass may collect diagnostic, technical, and general Services usage information that is gathered, de-identified, and made anonymous, to (i) facilitate support and software development, and improve the Services and content efficacy, (ii) verify compliance with license terms, (iii) monitor, record and report information about the Services user activity and engagement with the Services, (iv) collect information around device use, Services site volume and load, and user results in connection with certain Services features or material (“General Services Data”).

Aggregate Data: Your Learning Data and General Services Data may also be used in the aggregate, anonymous, and de-identified for analysis related to benchmarking, research and analytics, employment matters, graduate level programs and continuing education, General Services development and improvement, general metrics about your school’s or institution’s performance as compared to other schools and institutions, as well as for anonymized metrics and analysis relative to students’ school and licensure exam performance. (“Aggregate Data”).

Third Parties: You understand and agree that General Services Data may share various types of aggregated and anonymous, de-identified data described above with third parties, provided however, in no event will PDHclass share any personally identifiable information about you with any third party (other than the school or institution with whom your Services use is affiliated, and General Services Data contractors for whom remains fully responsible) without your express consent to such disclosure.

Data Transmission: If you are located outside of the United States, you consent to the transmission and transfer of your personal information into the United States, to be processed, stored and maintained on or through servers located in the United States.

By registering with, as part of agreeing to the terms and conditions in this Agreement, you are also providing your express consent to General Services Data and affiliates’ collection, use, maintenance, reporting, transmission, and processing of Your Learning Data, General Services Data, and Aggregate Data, as described herein.