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What we do

It is our goal to help you fulfill your continuing education or professional development requirements each year. We create and offer a wide range of topics that are constantly evolving. 

Drone Inspection of Power Lines

In this course, learn the feasibility of drone usage in the inspection of power lines. The savings in time, money, and increased safety are covered in the content.

Ethics: Guidelines of Professional Conduct for Engineers

Fulfill your ethics requirement with this conduct guidelines course.

Inspection of Concrete and Masonry Dams

This course introduces the basic principles of concrete and masonry dam inspection. Proper maintenance can extend the life of many newer dams.

Protecting Homes from High Winds

This course gives an introduction to protecting residential structures from high winds.

OSHA for Small Businesses

This course outlines safety approaches for small businesses. 

Driver Safety: Distraction Due to Drones

This course focuses on the effect of drones in the way they can distract drivers in various driving situations.


We cover a wide range of engineering expertise including geotechnical, civil, structural, and many other topics of interest. 


There is a wide range of courses that you will only find on this website. We take pride in generating interesting content that is exclusive to PDH Class. 


Learn from industry experts. Our team has highly trained engineers and subject matter experts. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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