A Guide to Eyewash and Safety Shower Facilities

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This course introduces the risks associated with on-the-job exposure to caustic substances and how to avoid and protect workers from those risks.

Workers who interact on a regular basis with caustic chemicals are at higher risk of injury to their eyes and skin. In today’s industries, many safety precautions and types of emergency equipment must be used to protect and ensure the health of employees. Employees must also be trained in the proper protection techniques as well as safety procedures if they are exposed to chemicals. This course introduces safe practices and procedures to protect employees from risks associated with exposure to caustic substances and workplace injuries. Specifically, the basic principles of eyewash and safety shower facilities are introduced.

This guide is intended to be consistent with all existing OSHA standards therefore, if an area of this course is considered by the reader to be inconsistent with OSHA, then the OSHA standard should be followed. This course is based on the publication, A Guide to Eyewash and Safety Shower Facilities.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end and is intended to provide 1 hour of professional development.

At the conclusion of this course, the student will have learned or been exposed to the following:
• Injuries related to work involving caustic substances
• How to remedy exposure to hazardous chemicals
• Ways to offer and maintain shower and eyewash facilities
• Important vocabulary necessary in understanding chemical risks

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