A Guide to OSHA for Small Businesses

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A Guide to OSHA Regulations for Small Businesses

This course introduces basic concepts of workplace safety and OSHA compliance in order to serve as a first step in developing strategies to minimize workplace hazards using a Four-Point Workplace Program for a small business. The Four-Point program is defined and methods form implementing and operating the program are introduced.

This course is written specifically for small businesses. Small businesses are more likely than large businesses to have little or no direct experience with work place injuries, work related illnesses or fatalities. Small business owners and managers without this direct experience may be more likely to pay less attention to education and policies to provide safe working conditions. Implementing the voluntary Four-Point Workplace Program could help a small business take advantage of the experience of others to avoid being caught off guard by by unsafe conditions or practices.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end which is intended to provide 4 hours of professional development.

Course Author: Occupational Safety and Health Administration


At the conclusion of this course, the student will have learned about or been exposed to the following:

  • Developing a Profitable Strategy for Handling Occupational Safety and Health
  • Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
  • Work-Site Analysis
  • Training for Employees, Supervisors and Managers
  • Establishing A Four-Point Work Program
  • Keeping Records of Injuries and Illness
  • Starting Voluntary Activity
  • Self-Inspection/Self Inspection Checklist
  • Assistance in Problem Solving